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JFC Hosts Southeast Europe Ambassadors Conference

January 21, 2018 at 4:43 PM UTC
U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa Public Affairs

Adm. James G. Foggo III, commander, U.S Naval Forces Europe-Africa and commander, Allied Joint Force Command Naples, welcomed U.S. ambassadors from the Balkans region to a two-day Southeast Europe Area Ambassadors Conference at Joint Force Command (JFC) Naples, Italy, Jan. 18-19, 2018.

SE Ambassadors Conference

The JFC NATO Balkans staff joined the conference, which was used as an opportunity to discuss focal points and strategies towards the common goals of peace, stability, and prosperity in the region.


“Just as our forefathers had the vision to know what it would take to keep our country prospering centuries later, my predecessors also anticipated what it would take to keep the Balkan region safe. To this end, they envisioned continued dialogue through a forum such as the Ambassadors Conference. They realized, as I do, that the military is an extension of our diplomacy and for this reason, we have to maintain the lines of communication and collaboration between our State and Defense Departments always thriving – always moving forward.”

-Adm. James G. Foggo III, commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa and commander, Allied Joint Force Command Naples



Quick Facts: 
This is the inaugural regional ambassador conference. Future regional conferences will be held on a quarterly basis. Attending the conference were U.S. ambassadors to Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia, as well as U.S. European Command leadership.
Ambassadors and NATO colleagues agreed that sustained engagement in the nations in the Balkans region is important to counter threats to stability and advancement.