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Military Spouse Appreciation Day

May 6, 2016 at 5:49 AM UTC

To all of our Military Spouses:

Today is Military Spouse Appreciation Day and is a day when the military
officially recognizes the contributions of the husbands and wives who serve
their country alongside us.
I would like to personally extend a "Thank You" to all military spouses and
children because with your support, sacrifices, and devotion, our military
is able to meet the challenges that we face daily. As military life goes, so
goes the family, and your willingness to move, adapt, and generously give of
yourself in order for your military spouse to answer the call of service to
our nation is commendable and greatly appreciated.
The countless sacrifices that the military family makes and your continued
support of the military members of your family is critical and allows them
to have peace of mind when they are far from home. With your love and
support, our military remains connected to home regardless of where they are
around the World.
Thank you for your continued service to your Sailor and to your country; you
make an enormous difference each and every day.

With my utmost appreciation and sincere respect,

Vice Admiral Jamie Foggo
Commander, SIXTH Fleet








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